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Expeditie Oosterdok works together with enterprises in the Entrepreneurial Oosterdok coalition of companies. In the 17th century, the IJ was the centre of Amsterdam and of the world: every year hundreds of ships set sail from here for all corners of the globe. A passion for trade and creativity are in the district’s DNA. Entrepreneurs are the bedrock of Oosterdok, and so are indispensable in the development of our programme of collaborative projects. 

Expeditie Oosterdok invites businesses in the area to join us on our voyage of discovery!


Together, participating enterprises form a long-term network, a community of agenda-setting institutions that can easily be in touch with each other (directly or through the project manager).

Expeditie Oosterdok offers cooperation with businesses
in three areas:


A name and picture of the premises of any company joining Expeditie Oosterdok will (if so desired) be included on the ‘Discovery Map’ to be found at all participating institutions and businesses.

Thinking together

A review of the previous year’s achievements, and discussion of ambitions for the year ahead, will be a feature of an annual meeting of all partners. Expeditie Oosterdok would then welcome input from participating companies: what are their desires for the area? Of course, this can also be done year-round through contact with the project manager. You can always come to her with questions and ideas.

Model for Contributions
The contribution model for businesses is the same as that for the cultural institutions. Everyone pays a contribution according to their resources (small, medium or large organisations). The entry level is determined in consultation with the project manager. The contributions help fund the organisation and part of the programming activities.



   €500,- excl. VAT per year


   €1000,- excl. VAT per year


   €2000,- excl. VAT per year


Download the application form and send a mail to Membership is entered
into for a period of one year.

Would you like more information about the partnership?
Please contact Marieke Ruytenburg, the project manager
of Expeditie Oosterdok at

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