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The Oosterdok, known of old for its maritime, international and innovative character, combines museums, music venues and a library with businesses of the future. In February 2017, eleven cultural institutions joined forces to establish a partnership: Expeditie Oosterdok. The purpose of this cooperation is to enhance the prominence of the area by jointly introducing an all-inclusive programme of projects with discovery at its core.

Expeditie Oosterdok is a collaborative engagement between twenty-seven waterside partners:


Together we aim to raise the prominence of Oosterdok by jointly setting up a programme of collaborative projects. Discovery is central to all these undertakings. Our mode of working is also characterised by discovery. As we go along we will be trying things out, drawing on our core values: 

discovery - innovation - international


By working together, we deliver a strong, comprehensive programme of events tailored to our location. We don’t shy away from experiment. Our collaborative programming of projects means that Oosterdok is known as the place for discovery, where everyone, young and old, is welcome.



The members of Expeditie Oosterdok have entered into a long-term substantive partnership. Management, programming and communications staff meet regularly. A core team of five directors holds ultimate responsibility, and consists of:


Michael Huijser – director, Het Scheepvaartmuseum and chair of Expeditie Oosterdok

Liesbeth Jansen – director, Bureau Marineterrein Amsterdam

Michiel Buchel – director, NEMO Science Museum 

Martin Berendse – director, OBA

Willem Velthoven - director, Mediamatic

Expeditie Oosterdok works together with enterprises in the Entrepreneurial Oosterdok coalition
of companies. 
Day-to-day management is conducted by the project manager, Marieke Ruytenburg. If you have any questions about Expeditie Oosterdok, please contact her at

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